Alberto Gandsas
Comments about his photographies
“In the 50's of the XVI century Brueghel traveled to Italy. When Brueghel returned from Italy, he painted the so called "world landscapes", in which the observer appeared as if he could put a bird's spread wings straight away around the whole world. From this new sight evolved the conception of the picture of the spacious landscape - turning in form of panorama into a wide-angle perspective - which also Alberto Gandsas set out to follow up. He no longer used any goose-quill and bister as means for the creation, but photography. He gives the landscape the character of the "wide world", where the observer must start all over again if he wants to understand himself and his relationship with nature.
The panoramas towering up into mountain ranges transmit to the observer the feeling of the expansion, the extent, the long breath which opens the soul. The trace of the being streams out of it. Man's work is not in the angle of the vision here, but "the whole", the idea of the forming cosmos, to which each individual and each being belongs. Floating, as if lead by a dream, the glance feels its way over the heroic virginity of an apparent natural landscape. A sort of "worship" arises, a free space for meditation, at the same time also a chance, of walking through the inner world of the self. At troubled times a seldom chance to think things over!”.

Dra. Veronika Birke
Vice Director of the "Albertina Collection".
Viena. Austria. 2003

Alberto Gandsas presents an extraordinarily personal vision. His lens is an eye that takes everything in, from a gigantic glacier to an interminable lake,
and contains it within the horizontal format that he, Gandsas, has created.
He admires, even love, Creation, but he does not fear it ”.

John Spike
Art Historian and Critic.
Director of Florence Biennale, Italy. 2002

"Gandsas has deep acquaintance with the descriptive power of his camera frame and displays with depth the landscape´s elements.
A constant of personal rhythm and contemplative melody enhance his subjective contribution, making the presence of the artist a standing out match to the exceptionality of the medium ” .

Consulate of Argentina in New York. USA
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